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Saturday, September 25, 2021

English Sermon 2016


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12-25-2016     Rev. Ng  Christmas Message
12-18-2016     Br. David Lee       Apologetics: Depression & Faith
12-11-2016     Pastor Alex Brian
  Pastor Diwei Shi

11-27-2016     Rev. Ng  A Grateful Heart
11-20-2016     Br. David Lee       Apologetics: True Doctrines & Heresies
11-13-2016     Pastor Daniel Currie    
   Pastor Diwei Shi

10-30-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie    
10-23-2016    Pastor DeAron Washington
10-16-2016    Br. David Lee       Apologetics: Ten Failed Atheist Arguments
10-09-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie    
   Pastor Diwei Shi

09-25-2016    Pastor DeAron Washington
09-18-2016    Pastor Alex Brian
09-11-2016    Rev. Ng  Serving & Building Together
09-03-2016    2016 Gospel Camp & Retreat
08-28-2016    Br. David Lee       Apologetics: Christianity & World Religions
08-21-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie     
08-14-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie  
   Pastor DeAron Washington    

07-31-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie       
   Pastor Diwei Shi
Pastor DeAron Washington    
07-10-2016    Br. David Lee       Apologetics: Fundamentals of Christian Faith Part II
07-03-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie      Missions

06-26-2016    Pastor Diwei Shi
06-19-2016    Pastor DeAron Washington    
06-12-2016    Br. David Lee       Apologetics: Fundamentals of Christian Faith Part I
06-05-2016    Rev. Charles Ray      Are coming to Church for better or worse?

05-29-2016    Br. David Lee       Apologetics: Faith, Science & Atheism
05-22-2016    Pastor DeAron Washington   Jesus and Children
  Pastor DeAron Washington   Jesus and the Blind Man
  Pastor John McCann   Jesus and Nicodemus
05-01-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie     The End of the Story

04-24-2016    Rev. Jason Thomas       Good News for All Nations
04-17-2016    Pastor Nick Pacurari     The Early Church
   Pastor John McCann   The Spirit of God
04-03-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie      Great Commission

03-27-2016    Combined Worship - Easter Sunday
03-20-2016    Rev. Jason Thomas         Jesus, Son of God
03-13-2016    Pastor Matthew Weaver    Jesus the Messiah
03-06-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie       Exile and the Promise of Restoration

02-28-2016    Rev. Jason Thomas         The Kingdom of God
02-21-2016    Pastor Nick Pacurari      God's Presence on Earth      
02-14-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie      Sacrifice and Atonement
   Pastor John McCann      God's Covenant with Moses

01-31-2016    Pastor Matthew Weaver      Exodus & Redemption 
01-24-2016    Rev. Jason Thomas          The Fall     
01-17-2016    Pastor Nick Pacurari      God's Covenant with Abraham
01-10-2016    Pastor Daniel Currie       Creation
01-03-2016    Combined Worship - New Year