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Friday, June 05, 2020



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又給我食物吃、衣服穿, 使我平平安安地回到我父親的家,
我就必以耶和華為我的神, 我所立為柱子的石頭也必做神的殿。
"Then Jacob made a vow, saying, “If God will be with me and will keep me in this way
that I go, and will give me bread to eat and clothing to wear, so that I come again to
my father's house in peace, then the Lord shall be my God, and this stone,
which I have set up for a pillar, shall be God's house.
And of all that you give me I will give a full tenth to you.” 
 創世記 Genesis 28:20-22 


Sunday Worship Livestream  


9:00 am - 10:00 am

Zoom ID 識別號: 670 086 3421

Password 密碼: Contact Fellowship 
 or E-Mail 
聯絡團契或電郵: Br. Paul



10:00 am - 11:00 am

Youtube Link


11:00 am - 12:00 noon

Zoom ID 識別號:  823 082 364 52

Password 密碼: Contact Fellowship or E-Mail 聯絡團契或電郵: Pastor Jonathan



Wednesday Night Online Prayer Meeting

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Zoom ID 識別號:  336 663 853
Password 密碼: Contact Fellowship or E-Mail 聯絡團契或電郵: 吳師母

鑑於疫情的惡化, 新奧爾良市政府暫時禁止9人以上聚會。本教會 (NOCBC) 從 3月22日起, 中文,英文, 和兒童主日崇拜改成網絡同步崇拜,弟兄姊妹可以藉著智能手機 / 計算機在任何地方即時參與教會的崇拜。星期三禱告會也開始用Zoom聚會。祈求主保護我們的人民免受疾病侵害。為這次溫疫的發生使我們能有更多傳福音的機會禱告。  


Due to the deepening threat of the Coronavirus, the New Orleans City Government has temporally banned gathering more of 10 or more people; thus, starting March 22, the NOCBC will only do online Livestream Sunday Worship for the Chinese, English and Children’s congregations,. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting has already moved to online Zoom meeting. Brother and sisters can participate in church worship in real time anywhere by smart phone/computer. Pray for the Lord’s protection from illness among our people. Pray for gospel opportunities to come from this outbreak. . 



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