Chinese Baptist Church of New Orleans 新奥尔良华人浸信会 - 紐奧良華人浸信會
Friday, January 28, 2022

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017
       Music & Sermon Recording 音樂和証道錄音     
     Order of Worship 崇拜程序         

                    Part I 第一部     
                    慈愛 Love  
曲 Music: Near the Cross 十字架 / Love on the Cross 十字架的愛
                    憐憫 Mercy 
曲 Music: And Can It Be That I Should Gain?  怎能如此?  
                    Part II 第二部  
                    恩典 Grace 
曲 Music: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross  我每思念十字寶架    
                    順服 Obedience 
曲 Music: Who Is on the Lord’s Side?  誰順從主耶穌?
                    苦難 Suffering
曲 Music: When I think of the Lord’s Crucifixion 每當我想起主釘十架
曲 Music: O Sacred Head, Now Wounded  哦!至聖之首受創傷
                    犧牲 Sacrifice
曲 Music: Narrow Road of the Cross 十架窄路 
曲 Music: Were You There?  你在那裡?
                    Part III 第三部  
                    榮耀 Glory
           曲 Music: The Cross is My Glory 十字架是我的榮耀 / Near the Cross 十字架  

 2017 復活節  Easter Sunday  十字架的榮耀 The Glory of the Cross