Chinese Baptist Church of New Orleans 新奥尔良华人浸信会 - 紐奧良華人浸信會
Friday, January 28, 2022

Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015
     Recording 錄音    
     Order of Worship 崇拜程序         

          1.    Overture 序曲:
                                   曲: 文王操 (古琴曲)
                                   Music: Anthem of King Wen (Guqin Music)                            
          2.    Truth 真理:
                        曲: 彩雲追月 (任光1935) 
                                   Music: Color Clouds Chasing the Moon (Ren Guang)
                                   詞: 霍永明
                                   Lyric: Fok, Wing            
               3.    Eight Beatitudes 八福:   
                             曲: 烏蘇裡船歌 (東北民歌)
                                   Music: Ussuri Boat Song (Northwest Folksong)
                                   詞: 尤誠  
                                   Lyric: You Cheng            
               4.    Faith 信心:
                        曲: 二月裡來 (冼星海1939)
                                   Music: Since February (Xian Xinghai)
                                   詞: 李趙福生
                                   Lyric: Li, Zhao Fusheng      
               5.    Love One Another 相愛:
                        曲: 太湖船 (明清戲曲)
                                   Music: Lake Tai Boat (Ming & Qing Opera Song)
                                   詞: 汪國順
                                   Lyric: Wang, Guoshun   
               6.    On Judgment 論斷:
                             曲: 松花江上 (張寒暉1936)
                                   Music: On the Songhua River (Zhang Hanhui)
                                   詞: 尤誠
                                   Lyric: You, Cheng 
               7.    Humility 謙卑:
                        曲: 茉莉花 (江蘇民歌)
                                   Music: Jasmine Flower (Southern Folksong)
                                   詞: 李鯤
                                   Lyric: Li, Kun   
               8.    Mercy 憐憫:
                        曲: 望春風 (鄧雨賢1933) 
                                   Music: Facing the Spring Wind (Deng Yuxian)
                                   詞: 施增惠
                                   Lyric: Shih, Jerry
               9.    Self Giving 捨己 :
                        曲: 漁光曲 (任光1934)
                                   Music: Fisherman Song (Ren Guang)
                                   詞: 李趙愊生
                                   Lyric: Li, Zhao Fusheng  
             10.    Great Commission 使命:
                        曲: 長城謠 (劉雪庵1937)
                                   Music: Ode to the Great Wall (Liu Xuean)
                                   詞: 尤誠
                                   Lyric: You, Cheng  

 2015 復活節  Easter Sunday  真理記 The Truth
     Poetry has always been held in extremely high regard in China. Quotation from famous poems is widespread in the spoken Chinese language. Folk music expresses the feelings of ordinary people who sing about their emotions and life in the countryside, from lullaby to harvest songs. For the 2015 Easter, in celebrating the victory of Christ’s resurrection, our church choir members have written poetic lyrics set to folk music across China. These poems are inspired by the powerful and authoritative sayings of Jesus Christ. “The Truth” extols the truth that sets us free. We would like to thank everyone involved in this offering program. Glory be to God!
      詩歌在中國一直是被人民重視推崇。著名的詩歌更是口語化地在中國語言𥚃普遍傳誦。民間音樂唱出了平常百姓們在鄉村的感情和生活,從搖籃曲到收割曲。 在2015年復活節,為了慶祝基督復活的得勝,我們教會詩班成員將中國各地美妙的民間音樂重新填詞,這些歌詞是被耶穌基督話語的大能和權柄所感動激發寫出來的。“真理記”讚美那神使世人得自由的真理。我們在此要感謝每一位參與此奉獻的弟兄姊妹。榮耀歸與神!