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Saturday, September 26, 2020

杜蘭學生福音團契  Tulane Student Gospel Fellowship

週五晚                                                       聖靈教堂                   
Fridays                                                     Chapel of the Holy Spirit     
6:00 pm                                                    1100 Broad Way, New Orleans, LA 70118 
      聯絡: 周旭弟兄   王俊棋弟兄   
                 Contact:  Br. Zhou, Xu (504-875-6158)   Br. Wang, Junqi                                    

    Sunday Worship                                             2016  杜蘭團契  Tulane Fellowship   

陪我走過春夏秋冬   (Pastor Diwei Shi Ordination Ceremony Offering)
Walk With Me
        風風雨雨的時候, 才知道祢的溫柔, 多年前, 幾年後, 仍然相信祢恩手.
        一年年的長大, 一次次的切慕, 祢都陪我  安慰我, 憐憫我.
        祢說會陪我走過春夏秋冬, 疼我, 引導我, 保護我.
        倚靠耶和華的人什麼也不怕, 倚靠耶和華, 一個不撇下.
        祢總不撇下我, 永遠不離開我, 晨昏夜晚陪我度過.
        我的日子如何, 祢的恩典更多,  在這一切事上靠祢勝過.
It's through times of wind and rain
That I learn Your gentle touch;
Every time, come what may,
In Your grace I'll place my trust.


Every year I travel through,
Always I'll seek after You;
Comforting and gracious, You
Walk with me!

I know You'll walk with me through all of my days,
Loving and guiding, shielding me!
Yes, those who trust in Him, they need not be afraid;
Those trusting in Him He won't cast away!

I know You'll always be
Walking that path with me
Both day and night, till the journey's done.
The most exhausting days
Cannot exhaust Your grace;

By trusting in You I overcome! 

       2016  感恩節特別聚會 Thanksgiving Celebration      

2013  路州華人教會培靈會杜蘭團契  Tall Timber Retreat - Tulane Fellowship  

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