Chinese Baptist Church of New Orleans 新奥尔良华人浸信会 - 紐奧良華人浸信會
Wednesday, December 13, 2017

宗旨 Mission


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      1.   建立基督的身體,使信徒得到肢體的交遞,供應和造就, 一同事奉神。
      2.   宣揚並持守聖經所啟示的一切真理。
      3.   傳揚主耶穌基督的福音,特別著重引領華人歸主工作

      Our Church's Mission:

1.     Develop the body of Christ by providing Christ believers with fellowship, resources for growth,
        and disciple training, so that all may serve and worship God in unity.
2.     Promote and maintain the Truth of God as revealed by the Bible.
3.     Proclaim the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ with special emphasis in the ministry of bringing
        fellow Chinese to God.